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Roslindale couldn't have asked for a better day for its parade

Cat and dog in Roslindale parade

Cat and dog in the parade. See it larger.

Roslindale lucked out today, getting a rare rain-free weekend day - and nice temps - for the annual neighborhood parade, now named in honor of Tom Donahue, who long helped organize it.

Boston motorcycle cops were near the front:

Motorcycle cops

Plenty of politicians, of course, and Police Commissioner Michael Cox:

Police Commissioner Michael Cox

Miss Roslindale USA, Britt High, had the wave down:

Miss Roslindale

Some Dance Academy students flipped over being in the parade:

Dancers somersaulting

A Shriner Minuteman must've seen the whites of their eyes:

Minuteman firing a shot

When whitewalls were big:

Old car with big whitewalls

By the '60s, the white had shrunk, but was still fairly wide:

Old car with big whitewalls

Neighborhood reflected in a hubcap of one of the three 18-wheelers that transported all the Shriner mini-vehicles:

House reflections in a hubcap

The Roslindale parade always includes Bolivian dancers:

Bolivian dancers

The parade's one marching band, from Quincy:

Quincy marching band

Getting in some trombone licks:

Blowing a trombone
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Thanks for sharing Adam. I miss Rozzi. I lived four houses up from the intersection of Walter Street & South Street. The parade ended right outside my front door.

Moved out of the city during the pandemic to a single story residence out in the country. Honestly hate it; it is too damn quiet out here. Rozzi was just so perfect for City living without having to be downtown

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But the thing would often grind to a halt for 10-15 minutes, more than enough time to endure the speaker trucks of unspeakable loudness. In fact, far into the evening they still echo through the hills of Monterey. Lovely day, though.

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Who decided to put the horses at the beginning of the parade? You can guess what happened, and that nobody was prepared to deal with it.

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The parade is great. I just wish they'd make it a little more on the marching band side and a little less on the big trucks side. There's a place for the large trucks that kids like and so on but this one is very heavy on that.

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