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Salt Bae becomes Salt Buh Bye in Boston

Boston Restaurant Talk gets the salty scoop: The steak guy with the funny way of putting salt on steaks has closed up shop in Boston, where, you may recall, he opened up in Park Square at the height of the pandemic only to get shut down after barely a week for violating the city's Covid-19 restrictions.

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Good riddance

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interviews with local food writers on the subject of "2022 restaurant trends you hated":

"Meanwhile, my blood boils every time some food-TV shouter or face-stuffer opens a restaurant in town that takes business away from worthier local operators. This year’s culprits are Guy Fieri, Gordon Ramsay, and Jon Taffer. One is a famously mediocre restaurant operator, another sold out his considerable culinary talent to get rich on obnoxious reality TV, and the third is a horrible human being. They follow in the footsteps of 2021’s most ridiculous absentee nameplate: studly Instagram sensation Nusret 'Salt Bae' Gökçe, whose gimmick is splashing salt down his forearm (ick) onto an obscenely overpriced steak. Seriously?! Fuck those shiny, grasping carpetbaggers.”

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