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By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea: Webcams now gaze out from Boston Light

Webcam on Little Brewster Island with a view towards downtown Boston

Boston ahoy! See it larger.

The Coast Guard reports that Boston Light is now equipped with four Webcams, letting people see the view from the entrance to Boston Harbor.

The cameras enhance maritime safety by providing a picture of real-time sea conditions and visibility at the outer reaches of the harbor, allowing mariners to make informed decisions about their trip prior to leaving the dock.

Oh, and yeah, they're just cool to look at.

The Coast Guard installed the cameras, each of which points in a different cardinal direction, with help from the National Park Service and the Hull Lifesaving museum.

Boston Light is, of course, the nation's oldest lighthouse station, built in 1716, and now the nation's only lighthouse still staffed by actual lighthouse keepers, way out there on Little Brewster Island.



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And plane watching, too?


Just check out those real-time waves, Moriarty
(I mean @CopelyScott17)

I looked at it and it was just a picture! Nothing was moving!

When I checked, it was not live video; it was a picture updated once per minute I’m guessing it’s configurable based on available bandwidrh

It updates.

Look at this for about half a minute, then look back at the web cam, and you'll see the waves moving.


While Boston Light is the only lighthouse still staffed by actual lighthouse keepers right now, alas, that won’t be true come 2023:

On December 30th, when she retires, at seventy-two, the station will be “unmanned,” or, as she said, “unwomanned,” and the profession of lighthouse keeper will go the way of the rag-and-bone collector.

From https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2023/11/06/the-last-lighthouse-keeper...

I wonder if visiting the light is ever coming back.

… hasn’t been repaired. I’d like to visit again.