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Sexual attacker on a 34 bus arrested after he went up to some cops at Forest Hills for a chat a few days later and they recognized him, DA says

Photo of alleged attacker

Alleged attacker in full display mode. Photo via TPD.

A West Roxbury man was arraigned this week on charges he sexually attacked a woman on a 34 bus outbound from Forest Hills and exposed himself to young girls on another 34 bus the next day, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

During both the May 25 and 26 incidents, people took phone photos of Rufus Sanders Jr., 63, and turned them over to police, the DA's office says.

On June 5, a man holding an open beer container approached officers at the Forest Hills Station and attempted to start a conversation with them. Officers immediately recognized Sanders from the images provided by both victims. Sanders was also wearing the same camouflage bucket hat from the May 25 incidents and identified himself in a still photo provided by one of the victims.

The officers arrested him on charges of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14 and lewd, wanton and lascivious conduct, the DA's office reports.

Judge Margaret Albertson set bail at $750 and ordered Sanders to stay away from the victims and the Forest Hills station - which raises the question of how he will get to West Roxbury court, since it is right around the corner from the station. Sanders is scheduled to return to court on June 30 for a pre-trial hearing.

The DA's office detailed Sanders's alleged activities:

At about 6.00 p.m. on May 25, Transit and Boston police met with a woman who reported that a man, wearing a camouflage bucket hat, a white long-sleeve shirt, and gray pants, later identified as Sanders, approached her at Forest Hills Station. Sanders placed his right hand on her shoulder then moved his hand down, cupping her breast. Sanders then moved his hand to her waist, attempting to pull her in. She pushed him out of the way and moved toward a crowded area. While standing in a crowd of passengers, Sanders attempted to grab her again, causing another passenger to intervene.

As the victim got on a bus, Sanders came up behind her and grabbed her bag to pull her off. She was able to break free and board the bus. She walked toward the front of the bus to get away while Sanders headed to the back of the bus. The victim then heard another woman in the back of the bus yell “stop grabbing my ass.” The victim was able to take a picture of Sanders as he got off at the Roslindale Square stop.

The next day, police met with a witness who said she observed a man harassing two young girls on the bus on May 26. When she yelled for the man to stop, he sat across from her, spread his legs and fondled his crotch area with his hand, while staring at her. She recorded the incident and showed the video to investigators. After reviewing the footage, investigators recognized the man in the video to be Sanders, wearing the same clothing as described by the first victim.

Innocent, etc.



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The judge could have done more to protect future victims of this creep.

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This is why we have a patriarchy, folks. "Stop grabbing my ass" got sold up the river for $750 bail, and for what? So some foul degenerate sexagenarian can get drunk and grab some more ass? But hey, it's just indiscretion. He'll mature in his 70's, I'm sure.

Do I have to openly root for this judge to get groped by a gross drunkard to get justice? Why is the Athens of America racing to the bottom?

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Been riding this line forever, dismal, depressing, all bad. My fellow passengers are visibly broken by the dehumanizing overcrowding, not uncommon for there to be 50-60 people waiting at FH during rush hour when a bus comes in and stand by for 5 or 10 mins, now there's like 100 people waiting. There was a UHUB article a few years ago showing a massive roof leak onto the very spot where you wait. Entertaining rodents of average size can be found scurrying around under the bushes looking for half consumed stir fried rice in styrofoam clamshell cartons. In bound people will get off one or two stops before FH and walk, b/c its faster than the bus stuck in traffic, I should say "busses" because by this point they're bunched up from the many miles of HP Ave. Outbound, you're better off walking a few stops away from FH than to fight the crowd of people elbowing their way on at FH, lots of young people who not-so-gently move older folks and the courteous out of the way. I think the stress of riding this bus line makes people extra aggressive and hostile. I could go on, but you get the jist.

/rant off

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If your bus goes down Hyde Park Ave, that’s the 32, which makes me think you haven’t been on the bus in decades.

That said, your description of the 32 wasn’t too far off. I take it inbound, and by and large it works. Outbound, I walk rather than battling to get on.

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Both are equally horrid IMHO

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I think its my 32 line derangement syndrome affecting my reading comp. That said, I've been a monthly T-pass holder since 1983, commuted to daycare with my wriggling squirming kids before the advent of the SUV stroller. I use the 32 to get to HP Ave and Cummins when I can't snag the elusive 30 (which is pretty decent bus and the passengers are very nice, but the headways!) With the 32 on the Lower busway and the 30 on the Upper, its a crap shoot, I'll wait 15 mins for the 30 to avoid the 32. The 34 boarding process is also a stampede and only slightly less packed than the 32. At any event, glad they got him, my kids now ride those buses.

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