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Smooth vs. chunky

Turtles at Jamaica Pond, most with smooth shells

As you can see, most of the turtles at Jamaica Pond have relatively smooth shells. But look at Chunker in the lower right.

A close up:

Turtle with a shell with serious ridges


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I saw several at the north end last weekend but they don't appear to be juvenile painted turtles, which is what I assumed. These were much more colorful than the usual tiny turtles I've seen up there.

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Aturtable. Magoo.

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it's called "pyramiding" and is a sign of bad nutrition

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it seems to be a yellow belly slider. And the shell may be pyramiding. But this opinion is from 5min of googling so...

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Trachemys scripta scripta.

The smaller turtles are eastern painted turtles, Chrysemys picta picta. They are native to New England, but Trachemys scripta scripta and the more commonly seen red eared slider, Trachemys scripta elegans, are not. The yellow-bellied slider is native to the southeast, and the red-eared slider to the Mississippi Valley. These turtles are likely the descendants of escaped pets.

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I don't blame a turtle for "escaping".

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