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As snow falls, state announces new snowplow names

Snow Big Deal MassDOT truck

MassDOT today announced a flurry of new names for its snow-plow and salting trucks, selected from entries by public-school kids across the state: Flurry Fighter, Luke Snowalker, Plower Ranger, Sherlock Snowmes, Snowdrop, Arctic Beast, Sled Zeppelin, Snow day No Way, Blizzard Wizard, Snow Big Deal, Snow Time to Lose, and Blizzard of Oz.

Each of the winning classrooms will receive a $100 school-supply gift card and a visit from their newly named truck.

Among the winning classes: The fifth grade at South Boston's Condon School, which came up with Blizzard of Oz and the fourth grade at the John F. Kennedy School in Somerville, which submitted Sherlock Snowmes.

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Fittingly named by an ELEMENTARY school

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This is Plowy McPlowface erasure!

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I wonder if they're going to make the drivers get out of bed for blizzards that come in the middle of the night.

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Do any of you wonderful UHub commenters know why on most weekends there are 2-3 yellow MassDot trucks like the one pictured idling in the middle of the highway near the entrance of the westbound Williams Tunnel in East Boston right at Logan airport? They don't seem to have any kind of purpose other than to create a bottleneck and traffic jam. I started noticing this last summer, so they aren't sitting around waiting to salt the roads. More often than not they have garbage bags taped to the windows so passing motorists can't look inside, but sometimes they don't and when you look inside the cab you can see that the occupants are just sitting there texting or maybe a couple feet sticking up which would seem to indicate a nap. Just curious!

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Sounds like it may have to do with standing by in case there is a need to clear and secure the tunnel or maybe to push out anyone who gets stuck?

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Magoo’s snow plow is called “Infinite navel destructor that crushes army ants, pulls lint from belly buttons, eater of ear wax of a sloth, snow plowing stinkfarter”. Magoo.

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You're boring. Go away.

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Snowball Buster

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For .5” of nothing.

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The salt was put down because the temperature hovered just above freezing, meaning lots of slush and wetness, then the temperature plunged.

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