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So a puggle walks into a pet-supply store ...

And demands a drink because he's had such a ruff day.

The Pet Cabaret on Washington Street reports that around 10:30 a.m., a puggle sauntered in without an owner.

About an hour later, the city animal shelter on Mahler Road, also in Roslindale, reported a woman called asking for help finding her lost puggle. Somebody at the shelter had seen the Pet Cabaret post and told her to call.



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we've got dog food. we've got cat food. we've got lost puggles. that's right: lost puggles!

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What no pictures?

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And you'll see the puggle.

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Pug plus beagle? Never ever heard of this mix before...

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Yeah... in the best case they reduce the brachycephalic muzzle to something healthier for the dog, along with taming the ... yippiness ... of a beagle.

In the worst case you get a dog with no nose that barks a lot.

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So lucky to find such an epic sanctuary of stuff and nice people should we ever wander off and get lost.

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