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Southie keglers get an extra hour to toss their balls

The Boston Licensing Board this morning approved extending hours at South Boston Candlepins, 543 East Broadway from 11 p.m. until midnight.

Manager John Tunney had applied for a 1 a.m. closing time, although at a hearing yesterday, he said he didn't really want to stay open that late, he just wanted a cushion should some bowlers need a bit more extra time to finish a string around midnight.

Under the board's rules, although midnight is when things are supposed to shut down - and the final drinks of the night served - Tunney will actually have until 1230 a.m. to usher everybody out the doors.

City Councilor Ed Flynn had opposed a 1 a.m. closing time, but an aide said yesterday that midnight would work.



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Big balls or little balls?

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So AC/DC wasn't singing about them.

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There is a Flintstones's episode where Barney drops by at Fred and Wilma's and asks Fred if he wants to go kegling. Fred has never heard the term and Barney has to explain it to him. Fred them proceeds as to act as if he has always known the term and tells Wilma that he is going kegling and asks where his kegling ball is. Classic!

Found the first part on IMDB...

Barney Rubble : Hiya, Fred.

Fred Flintstone : Oh, hiya, Barn.

Barney Rubble : Hey, are you in the mood for some kegling?

Fred Flintstone : Huh? I thought we were going bowling tonight.

Barney Rubble : We are. Kegling. It's another word for bowling.

Fred Flintstone : Speak English, will you? If you mean bowling, say bowling.

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