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Start the presses: Brookline to get professional news outlet again

See ya, GateHouse or Gannett or whatever you call yourselves these days. A non-profit news startup co-founded by former Globe editorial-page editor Ellen Clegg in Brookline is not only starting up, it's hiring a full-time editor in chief - with "a competitive salary" and everything.

In addition to overseeing newsgathering in the state's largest town, of the sort Gannett had given up on even before it stopped printing the Tab, the new editor of Brookline.news will also be responsible for:

[Training] a next generation of journalists and to create a regional ecosystem for hyperlocal news outlets by developing a support network to share start-up advice and journalistic, business, and fundraising best practices, as well as collaborating when appropriate on stories of wider regional interest.

Via Dan Kennedy, who co-anchors a podcast on the future of news with Clegg.

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As a parched news consumer in Brookline I welcome the formation of this publication. Living in a news desert is no fun. There are so many issues that need monitoring here in Brookline

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Reading the Tab was a 2 cups of coffee and a couple mimosas kind of event.

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been sinking in a tar pit of disinformation since the advent of Fox News, deeper with the rise of Facebook and its ilk. The once-useful Twitter is getting Eloned, and that plutocrat schmuck is a boil on the ass of democracy. I saw a stat recently that suggested that 80% of the yout's get their news from TikTok, which is terrifying.

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I sympathize, but it is always a mistake to let our disgust with the current state of things persuade us that the past was a golden age. When people got all of their news from newspapers, most newspapers were trash, every bit as full of sensationalism and misinformation and propaganda as Fox News.

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real journalism even if half of newspapers were shitty tabloids. Long-form reporting and investigative journalism have clearly declined in the age of Fox News and social-media fake news.

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