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Stuart Street is currently Wirthless

Taking down the Jacob Wirth sign

Pilotblock South End watched workers today removing stuff from the old Jacob Wirth on Stuart Street - including its large sign, but also items from inside, such as a host stand, possibly as part of renovations to bring the place back to life.

The alehouse, which had served up beer and Germanish food for 150 years, closed in 2018 after suffering heavy water damage from hoses used to douse a fire in the buildings upper floors.

In 2021, Julius Sokol, partner in an investment group that buys up Boston-area dives, won licensing-board approval to re-open Jacob Wirth - pretty much as it used to be, he told the board. Earlier this year, Sokol and another partner - and City Realty founder - Fred Starikov, bought the Wirth building for $5.27 million.



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…. floors of Jacob Wirths.
Seems like there ought to be some friendly jolly ghosts up there.

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He was a regular at Jake Wirth's.

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