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Summertime and the ridin' is easy, well, free, on the Blue Line

The MBTA says you can ride the Blue Line for free between July 5 and Aug. 31 - as part of efforts to reduce traffic due to the Sumner Tunnel being shut for repairs then.

The T says you can park all day for $2 during that period at the Beachmont, Orient Heights, Suffolk Downs and Wonderland stops during that period and claims it will run trains every six minutes during rush hour, at least for that month and a half.

The T adds that it's reducing the cost of a commuter-rail trip between Salem, Swampscott and Boston to $2.40 and that the parking will be free at a number of stops on the Newburyport/Rockport line - except Salem and Swampscott, where the parking price will be $2.



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Are the fare gates going to be left open at Government Center and State St?

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Also to add: the EB ferry will also be free during this time.

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According to the link above. Another MBTA statement said they'd hold the faregates open at blue line stations but didn't note if that included stations that served other lines too.

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I mean its basically a one way free fare.

Board at say.. Wood Island, fare gates are open. Then switch at State or GC to another line. (and switch again to the Red if thats where you are going).

The only thing you'll do is pay full fare if your last transfer is to a bus. (since your card was not swiped at Wood Island, you wouldn't get the free transfer to a bus.)

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Time for a family trip over to Downeast, Seabiscuit, and the ICA installation.

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