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Swarm of break-ins on Charles Street; suspect arrested

James Schaff

The Beacon Hill Times reports four successful break-ins and one failed attempt this past weekend along Charles Street; quotes one business owner who no longer feels safe on the street after moving there from Newbury Street.

Boston Police report arresting a Boston man on charges he broke into Flat of the Hill, 60 Charles St., shortly before 12:30 a.m. today.

Officers were provided a description of a suspect who had broken into a business, and was fleeing the area.

Officers observed a suspect matching the description walking on Charles Street. As officers approached the suspect, he attempted to walk away from the area. Officers were able to speak with the suspect, and immediately handcuffed him.

James Schaff, 55, who was convicted of aggravated rape in 1987, was charged with breaking and entering a building in the nighttime, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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If you don't feel safe here, you can always move to Europe.

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So we all know banks and creditor institutions run what happens around us. Does the SBA have any top level movers and shakers who can do something to stop the out of control crime population who are ruining the dream of running a small busuness? It's not just this guy. It's the loitering, littering, shoplifting, pissing, shitting, vomiting, robbing, verbal abuse, threats, gun and knife holdups. Etc, drug dealing, drug using, that is freely happening.

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Released from the pokey in '13, stayed with a pen pal from pre-release days thay ended up in a domestic disturbance after a few days.

Love After Lock-up preview?

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This is one to take home to mom. But then he's likely to just steal everything to sell and buy more drugs.

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