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Taste of Allston cancelled in face of yet another possible torrential downpour

Taste of Allston


Allston Village Main Streets reports it's canceled the Taste of Allston that had been planned for tomorrow at the Jackson Mann Community Center - a week after the original date was called off due to rain from Hurricane Lee.

We did plan well for our rain date, but continuing with the theme of this year, every weekend has been gross and rainy, and as of now there's a 97% chance that this weekend will be the same.

The goal of the Taste is to provide a venue for restaurants and vendors to showcase their wonderful food, beverages, and products. With the rain forecasted, we wouldn't be able to achieve that goal. We don't want to ask you to reschedule again to a future date, we know you're busy and have other commitments.



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I wonder if it will get bumped to its rain date....

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