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Tempest-tossed billboard forces delays on Leverett ramps

MassDOT reports it's restricting lanes on the I-93 connector ramp in Somerville after "a large vinyl portion" of a billboard there came loose - but can't be removed safely because it's just too windy for workers from Outfront Media to safely climb up to remove all the vinyl.

MassDOT and MBTA crews are ready to assist Outfront to address the situation as soon as possible.

In the meantime, MassDOT crews will be stationed at the:

  • The ramp from Leverett Circle to I-93 northbound
  • The from I-93 southbound to Leverett Circle
  • I-93 northbound

MassDOT says drivers should reduce speeds or, even better, find a different way to get where they're going for now.



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How wretched!

Glad they have a teem ready to shore it up, if possible.
Imma betting that, like Lazarus, it will rise again.

In the meantime, at least they enlightened us to the problem - that way we're at liberty to take an alternate route.

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Thank you, ye six.

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