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Three murdered in Newton house

Active Investigation Underway in Newton

Three elderly people were found bludgeoned and stabbed to death in a house on Broadway in the Lake neighborhood of Newton, Newton Police and the Middlesex County District Attorney's office report.

Police found their bodies around 10:10 a.m. The DA's office reports there were signs of forced entry.

As police search for the possible killer, they asked people in the area to make sure their doors and windows are locked and to report any suspicious activity.

Broadway was shut between Churchill and Linwood streets for the investigation.



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Apparently, it's the first triple homicide in the history of Newton. I live in Newton Corner, about a mile away, and usually consider the Newton/Watertown/Brighton area to be quite safe.

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The people who loved them will be wrecked, I'm sorry.

The breathless "OMG in this neighborhood!?" emphasis (see Globe, Boston) does not sit well with me. It's a point that is, inadvertently perhaps, makes another point.

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I feel like a Triple Murder by stabbing of Elderly People would be surprising in ANY neighborhood.

I was certainly surprised that it happened in my Neighborhood, but I would also have said that in any other place I have lived.

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A triple murder with forced entry, unknown motive, and no suspect is shocking for anywhere in New England. Things like that are extremely rare around here, thankfully.

In a lot of ways it's surprising it isn't getting more press and attention.

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is that this neighborhood has practically no violent crime, as compared to other neighborhoods which have relatively high rates of violent crime. Not sure why that should be taboo to point out.

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Public perception of safety seems like a reasonable proxy for actual safety. Actual safety seems very relevant in assessing the noteworthiness of a triple murder, no?

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