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Is this a TikTok challenge or something? Teens taking to smashing T windows, pulling alarms and jumping fare gates

Window smasher on the T

Alleged teen window smasher on a Red Line train.

Transit Police report snaring a pair of junior-grade miscreants on the Red Line as part of a recent wave of vandalism on the T:

Over the past several days numerous juveniles have been maliciously damaging #MBTA property, fare evading & falsely pulling fire alarms. On 1/10 after an investigation by TPD detectives 2 juvenile males were arrested. After the booking process they were released to their parents.

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i remember etching our names on the windows with sandpaper back in hi-sckool.

whats the statutes of limitations ?

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And don't forget the legendary "no assing rough". I can remember a time when there wasn't a single train on any line that didn't have the "p" and the "t" scratched out.

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These "juveniles" needed some
azzz whippins when they were younger.

Those responsible, if caught should do some serious community service.

If they are vandalizing and acting up in school (if they attend,)
put their azzzes in juvenile detention facilities for 12 hours a day with school work, or put them on house arrest, exception to go to school.

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What about the times in the 70s and 80s when their grandparents spent their youth doing the same things?

Are you saying that boomers weren't beaten up enough at home growing up?

Take your time.

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Between shrugging and saying "kids will be kids" and sending them to jail for a decade or so. (I don't know what's fitting.)

And, FWIW, most kids manage to grow up without spending their free time breaking things. It's not as if everyone goes through a phase where they smash subway cars.

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Mine are in their 20s, but I never had these kinds of issues because I held them accountable for their behavior starting at an early age.

It isn't anything much more than that, and being consistent about that.

The problem is that we live in a society where teens are either infantilized or treated as adults according to adult/parent/school convenience until they are 18-21. Other countries have different concepts of "young adulthood" as a distinct phase of growth and maturity, with its own expectations and privileges.

I see a lot of "prefrontal cortex blah blah blah". A family member was a font of such "wisdom" when discussing her out of control teen who ended up learning the whole FAFO lesson late in his teens and from a judge. Meanwhile, said person's cousins had no such issues because they were all given freedom, responsibility, and accountability consistent with their age and maturity level.

No approach is perfect, but even if some ability isn't yet developed, it won't likely develop on its own. You don't wake up one day suddenly able to run a marathon, either. You have to train. If you never give kids a chance to practice decisionmaking and learn about the impacts of their choices, they won't be good at those skills.

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Most of these kids in this and similar stories don't come from good households to start with. You don't need two parents or a wealthy family but you do need some parental guidance -- basically someone who obviously loves and cares about the child and shows them as much. (And has the time to focus on the child.)

If the parents are absent or deadbeats, the kids are going to be too. And that's an impossible problem for the judicial system, school, or government to solve.

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In cases like this, you push back at the idea that the parents perhaps should have imposed some sort of discipline on their kids earlier, but if one of those kids had scratched a swastika on one of those windows, you would have been the first one to blame the parents.

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The idea that parents need to be more violent is counterindicated by research.

So is the idea that parenting will stop any and all ills. Look up studies on peer pressure.

Violence to children creates violent adults.

The idea that one cannot discipline kids because that is "punishment" also needs to do in the dustbin.

Sounds like you are confusing punishment and discipline, and violent responses to children's misbehavior with discipline.

I managed to raise disciplined kids without physical abuse. I simply imposed limits and consequences in a consistent manner.

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in a house living with my parents and my grandparents living downstairs. there were many moments in my youth where i had to make a decision about doing something crazy/stupid/ illegal with my friends. i would always think about what my father and grandfather would say if they knew what i had done. this kept me out of a lot of trouble.

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My father would have literally put his boot entirely up my ass had I don’t anything resembling this . If I got caught I would have basically just written my will then and there

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Their punishment will be equally shared with us adults when we all have to wait on a freezing cold platform for an hour because the T doesn't have enough replacement windows for all the trains that have been vandalized.

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… at the fare gates at North Station.

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Who set themselves on fire?

You are a sociopath.

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You apologized last time for confusing me with someone else.
What is the matter with you?

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… if he can’t tell US apart!

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All water under the bridge.

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You laughed at homeless person lighting themselves on fire. Never forget that.

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I did not. Try to remember that.

Now go back to having gleeful fun telling panhandlers to fuck off.

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But I can’t help you.
Take care.

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