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Today's orange sunrise due to wildfires in two more Canadian provinces

Orange sky over Boston

The state Department of Environmental Protection has issued an air-quality alert for Massachusetts, which runs through midnight, due to smoke from wildfires in Quebec and Ontario.

Smoke from Canadian wildfires over our region will likely elevate fine particle levels into the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (USG) range over much of the State. An Air Quality Alert is posted for these elevated PM2.5 levels through midnight tonight.

Quebec smoke as seen by GOES satellite at 9:41 a.m.:

Smoke from Quebec over New England

In late May, we had hazy skies due to wildfires in Nova Scotia, a couple weeks after orange skies due to wildfires in Alberta.

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Not DEQ, but DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection)

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Must have gone back to my old days of writing about DEQE.

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Was a very nice sunrise today...

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Everything is gonna burn, we'll all take turns, I got mine too.

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