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Trains are going wicked slow, but on the Blue Line, extra woe

The T is currently running buses instead of trains between Maverick and Airport because of a downed wire.

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This started yesterday evening. Turned my 1 hour commute into 2. To go 8 miles. There was essentially no communication about any aspect of this. We weren't even informed that the train was stopping at Maverick until after we'd boarded. None of the T-stops were announced by the shuttle bus driver. It occurred to me that anyone from out of town going, say, to the airport, would have no idea what was going on.

Relatedly, how long have they had to prep station maps for the green line extension? Years? Decades? And yet, many months after the extension has finally opened, updated maps are almost non-existent, including in green line stations and stations connecting with the green line. It's like the extension has been kept a secret that only the locals know about.

What a disgrace.

I rode the NYC subway the day the 7 Line extension to Hudson Yards opened. My train already had updated maps...and it was on a different line, one that was physically incompatible with the 7.

If NYC can do it with their 6418 cars on the first day, why can't Boston do it with their 677 cars a few months after the Green Line Extension opened?