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Trucker almost makes up for inability to read with good reflexes, brakes on a rainy morning on Storrow Drive

Truck almost hits pedestrian bridge on Storrow Drive

RadRebe was among those jammed on Storrow Drive when an 18-wheeler driver somehow missed those "CARS ONLY" signs and got on Storrow Drive outbound around 6:30 a.m. - and then had to make a long, slow backup of shame after stopping just before shearing off the top of his cab at a pedestrian bridge.

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I just past this truck. Didn't peel the entire top off but managed to bend in the top of the trailer and break the plastic on the top of the cab. I never understand why the drivers of the big rigs think all the low clearance signs are just for show.

It only scores a pathetic 3. It's like he wasn't even trying.

Also saw a pretty big multi-vehicle crash on I-93 north in Medford while riding on the adjacent path. Not a good day to be a distracted driver.


So pretty much proving the 'cars only' signs we just installed are as ineffective as the 'cars only' signs they are replacing??


And it was installed for vehicles going the other direction.