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Two-alarm fire hits Brookline's only Uyghur restaurant

What might have started as a kitchen fire at Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine, 1398 Beacon St. in Brookline shortly before 3 p.m. turned into a two-alarm fire before Brookline firefighters extinguished the blaze.

"Right now it's still a little too soon to know the extent of the damage," the Brookline Police Department reports.

There were no injuries, but one family living in the building was displaced.

Both Beacon Street outbound and Winchester Street were shut during the fire.



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The Uyghurs? I bet that Chinese balloon had something to do with it!

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They lost their business. Too soon.

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recover quickly. It's no joking matter, and that restaurant is very good.

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Maybe being in the news will bring more interest. I’ve yet to try it and had been meaning to but forgot about it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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It's very good and I'm sure they could use the support right now

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I came to this place a couple of times in the past couple of months. The place is no longer silk road, its Uzbegim. Its Uzbek cuisine which is similar to Uyghur cuisine but it is different. Anyways, its a great place with very tasty food and I hope they reopen soon!

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