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Two friends were just sitting on a Roslindale porch, enjoying the day, when a driver slammed into them

India Rubino has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for long-term care for her father, "Uncle Joe" Robb, who remains in critical condition following the Sunday crash in Roslindale that killed his best friend, Egidio D'Antuony, as they were sitting on D'Antuony's Washington Street porch.

Rubino reports her father, who was pinned under the car that slammed into them - in a crash that remains under investigation - suffered numerous injuries and will need a new place to live that he'll be better able to get around. Any donations will also help pay for child care for her son - whom her father cared for five days a week.

Cobb was a longtime chef at the Morse Fish Co. in the South End.



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Any update on driver ?

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In custody?

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Or are the cops protecting shitty drivers who kill people as per usual?

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Like, it’s up to the DA’s to charge. Like, they have jurisdiction over all homicide investigations.

- Like, a Boston Cop

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… you know exact what she’s talking about.

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Like, laugh out loud.

Who would pretend to be a cop in 2023 who wasn’t?

- a Boston Cop

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An anon

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Okay fine you caught me. I thought the best way to get my point across was to remain anonymous on the internet (unlike you “Lee”) and pretend to be a member of the most hated profession in America.

Anyway, here you go: “ Members of the Suffolk County DA’s Homicide Unit prosecute nearly half of all homicides in Massachusetts, and are also obligated under statute to oversee all death investigations in Suffolk County.

Source: https://www.suffolkdistrictattorney.com/about-the-office/bureaus-of-the-...

- a fake Boston Cop

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Joseph Cobb has spinal fractures, broken ribs, and has lost a kidney, his spleen, part of his colon, and his best friend.

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Now that I'm upset and heartbroken, just break it to us now. Now I want to read about the person who did this, every detail about this person behind the wheel.

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Like the guy who destroyed 1/2 the Square Root building in Roslindale, police haven't released any info.

The fact that it's only a crime if you actually kill someone vs could easily have killed someone is weird - the choices made are the same. The guy who claimed a 'stuck accelerator' was just lucky that the businesses were empty when he drove into them.

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That's what the guy who killed someone after driving into the Hingham Apple store is facing and seems about right.


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