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Undroughty: Charles River back to more normal depths between West Roxbury and Dedham

Charles River looking downstream from the Millennium Park canoe launch

The Charles River at the Millennium Park canoe launch today looked a bit different from the view on July 29, 2022:

Mostly dried up Charles River in July, 2022

The steps down to the river at the canoe launch today:

Steps mostly covered in water today

The steps on July 29, 2022:

Dry steps

The National Weather Service reports that Boston has gotten 16.12 inches of rain this May, June and July - with more than 10 inches of that this month - compared to just 4.27 inches in the same period last year.



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I couldn't take the top photo from exactly where I took last year's shot, since it's now underwater, but was able to get close by climbing along the huge roots of the tree you can see on the right side of the steps photo, most of which were still (barely) above water. Only problem was once I got to the trunk and got a couple of shots, I had to carefully turn around and slowly navigate back along the roots to the shore.

Almost made it, but misjudged the last step and boom, right into the river. Only 3 or 4 inches deep at that point, so no risk of my being swept downstream and out to sea (overdramatic much?), but glasses went flying (fortunately OK, just wet) and I wound up leaving an impression in the mud at the shore.

There were some people sitting on a bench overlooking the canoe launch from where the path to the launch starts, but they were kind and did not hold up cards scoring me on my dismount.

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Glad you and your glasses escaped unscathed!

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Thanks for sharing @adamg.

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About 2' short of max capacity. Level has been rising recently which isn't common during the peak summer months. It's gone up more than a foot since July 1st which is definitely unusual.

2009 was a better year for capacity overall with about half the year being at or above max capacity. At this rate we'll get to 100% before winter.

My lawn looks full and lush for the first time in years so I won't complain. But it does feel weird having such a wet summer while Eastern Canada burns endlessly.

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And probably done, but there might be a spot shower tomorrow.

Pretty much the most humid stretch since records have been kept hourly (in the late '60s).

And the 15th most rain in any single month since 1872.

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