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Vegan restaurant that tried to sprout in the Fenway withers away after just eight months

Eater Boston reports that the vegan Plantpub has closed in the Fenway.

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It was a vegan place. Not. Vegetarian so fix the title.

I went vegan in 2019 and have seen health benefits and lost 30lbs, it isn’t easy and not for everyone. However the food at PlantPub was pretty decent.

Boston needs more vegan aka plant based restaurants. We have some great options but not a lot - I was in NYC recently and had 3 amazing meals at different vegan places, as well as vegan breakfast options beyond basic avocado toast or the sandwich Dunks or Starbucks has. Again, vegan food isn’t for everyone but it can be delicious and is not just tofu and salads


I've grafted the correct word into the headline.


All vegan food is also vegetarian by definition.


Not all vegetarian food is vegan. Somebody keeps trying to explain the distinction to me, but I can never remember what the difference is, except that while A includes B, B does not include all of A. Or something.


Some vegans are most strict than others, some going as far as to avoid products colored with dyes sourced from bugs, etc.

Generally speaking Vegans are just vegetarians who don't eat any products from animals even if the animal didn't need to die to provide it.

Old Joke: How to do you spot a vegan at a party? Don't worry, they'll tell you.


That was the rationale I heard from a vegan for not eating honey.

You could make the argument that it's a fair trade since the keeper is providing them with an ideal shelter and other care in exchange for some of their excess honey. But I've learned to never argue with a vegan.


It's not a monolithic group.

Also, the bees can leave if they want to. If the hive isn't suitable for them, they can just swarm up and find a new place. By necessity, they are not fenced in!

Generally wouldn't recommend arguing with *anyone* about their food choices, though. Try convincing a meat-eater not to eat meat; you'll probably have even worse results.


Generally wouldn't recommend arguing with *anyone* about their food choices, though.

Too bad more people don't take it.


They closed in the winter and said they were "hibernating" until opening day. Didn't know they sold their liquor license in February.
I never got to go inside -- isn't this place kind of big? Wonder what will go there next.


Loco Taquería. I like PlantPub's chef and her vegan food -- she still has her original spot in Kendall Square -- but I always feared that the concept would be a tough sell to the Fenway crowd. The space is indeed huge, the former Boston Beer Works.


I thought we were getting soapy tasting beer back across from Fenway.

No more Palmolive Pilsner alas.


I'd agree with Fenway maybe not being ideal. I think a specialty concept like that isn't going to really benefit from most of the crowds going to Fenway and it's not exactly the best for either transit or parking (if you are that big and specialized you need large numbers of imported people by either car or core subway line.)

If I recall vegan and vegetarian places do quite well in Alston/Brighton. I'm not sure where I would place a spot like this though.


Green Line at Kenmore (three branches), Green Line at Fenway (D branch), Commuter Rail at Lansdowne. Much better access than Allston.