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Seaport cineplex to re-open this month

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will open Nov. 17 where the ShowPlace Icon Theatre used to be on Seaport Boulevard. As the name implies, beer will be on offer, along with harder drinks and food.

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Even enough to schlep down to the dreaded Seaport, just because I've heard such good things about their no-asshole no-cellphone policy.

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in L.A. rave about this chain. Imagine seeing a movie without having to endure other peoples' conversations, phone calls, glaring phone lights, constant up-and-down, or yowling toddlers.

I'm really psyched to go out to the movies again. My recent experiences at places like the AMC Boston Common have been unendurably marred by rude fuckwits.

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I've been to the original in Austin, killed by COVID unfortunately and another Alamo in Austin several times as well as Lower Manhattan. Before the movie, they sometimes show short documentaries about the feature instead of annoying commercials. The wait service is fast and the menu is various for food and drinks. There are no concessions in the lobby at all. It's disappointing the Boston branch is at the Seaport/Tourist haven. But the theaters are a great place to see a movie.

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AMC announced last year that they would reopen the former ArcLight at North Station, but that hasn't happened yet. I'd also like to know what will happen to the former Regal cinema in the Fenway.

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What's going to happen to the former theater on Church St in Harvard Square that has just sat empty and forlorn for what feels like 50 years

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It will feature tributes to the owners of Harvard Square and feature seminars on how to take a vibrant, thriving area with local flavor and unique culture then turn it into a shopping mall, sorry, MAUL with chain stores and restaurants so you can charge as much as you want for rent.

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