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Watertown social-media performer swatted

Watertown News reports (scroll down a few pages) police descended en masse on a local house shortly after midnight on April 26 after getting a call from a man who claimed he had just shot and killed his girlfriend there. In fact, he hadn't, and he wasn't in Watertown and a woman in the house was in the middle of a live performance on Twitch at the time.



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Swatting needs to be treated far more seriously because we've seen people die as a result of swatting. The caller is making an attempt on someone's life when they do this.

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we could demand the police not treat every weird phone call or battery-operated Litebrite as a threat requiring overwhelming action. The false alarm rate is too high for the police to turn a blind eye toward it.

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> One resident said she has over 300,000 social media followers,

It didn't take long to figure out who it was, and...she's got 10k views, 110k followers on twitch....35k on twitter.

Kind of a weird thing to exaggerate your clout in the midst of an incident like this?

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People can have more than one.

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You took the time to research who this was, check all of their social media accounts and then come here to report it.

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...is that this was your takeaway.

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I heard it was so bad, she developed a bad twich.

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The same thing happened in Dedham just a couple weeks ago https://twitter.com/BriannaWu/status/1650115322886643712?ref_src=twsrc%5...

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I really don't understand why police departments let themselves get played like this. All it takes to put the majority of a town's cops out of action for at least a few minutes is one anonymous phone call? If I wanted to do one of those flash mob burglaries at Best Buy I would probably start by swatting a location on the other side of town just to thwart any police response.

The solution seems obvious: get one anonymous phone call reporting a horrific crime? Send one car to check it out. If they confirm it, or you start getting more calls, then send everyone.

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