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Weed-mad teen uses rock to break into South Boston pot shop, police say

Boston Police report arresting a 14-year-old they say used a rock to bust into a South Boston marijuana shop and grab some product - only to then promptly get arrested by cops alerted by the shop's alarm.

Police say officers who responded to deVine, 619 East Broadway at 1:54 a.m. on Monday, first spotted "a large rock by the front door" and then the kid running away from the rear of the store. Police cuffed him then found him holding "marijuana products from the store."

He was charged with breaking and entering, malicious destruction of property and larceny from a building, police say. Police did not specify the products he allegedly took.



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Just another case.....

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An adamg production

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What's confusing here is that.. I know the disp I go to moves all the product out of the customer area at night into locked rooms and/or a vault. (I know a few places that do this)

Why didn't this place?

Also, ones who do not have vaults (i.e. former banks), they often have metal bars that come down over the windows to prevent things such as this.

Kinda wondering why this place had product just lying around for people to take if they broke in.

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They aren't allowed to have actual controlled substance product in the windows ever or unlocked when there isn't anyone there.

I'm betting the kid didn't get any actual weed. These places also sell paraphernalia and non-weed items of stoner interest (hemp items) and have promotional items out and about.

Which makes junior a double plus dumbass kid.

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THey're working in gaps in the law and selling legal stuff. Google "Delta 9". Kind of interesting.

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There were two other similar break-ins this summer at this business. I wonder if this kid is the culprit?
I doubt there will be any serious consequences for this kid.
It's a great day out! Enjoy it!

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“Man, I told you that stuff would make you stupid.” (Shakes head disapprovingly)

(Sort of a Richard Pryor reference if I recall correctly)

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