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West End latest to get outlet of JP-based Mexican chain

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Chilacates is planning to move into the Staniford Street space vacated by Viva Burrito.



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Viva was OK; if i recall our own eeka was a fan. Tough to sell lunch to downtown office workers these days; I wish them good luck.

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I think Chilicates is delicious.

This new location could work well for the medical crowd, not just weekday workers.

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There's a reason why new stores are popping up like weeds all over the city: 2 JP locations, South End, Roslindale, Mission Hill, South Boston, Brighton, Brookline, Chestnut Hill. The food is solid, the folks running it are good people, what's not to like?

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"Best tacos and burritos in Boston" isn't the highest praise in the world but IMO Chilacates has earned it. Nice to see them growing so much, hope the quality doesn't take a hit with expansion.

BTW: try the torta

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