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West Roxbury and Dedham, parts of Roslindale, Brookline and Newton short out

Map showing power outages across West Roxbury, Dedham, part of Roslindale

Outages at 11:30 a.m., via Eversource outage map.

Update, 3:15 p.m. Eversource reports 139 homes and businesses still without power in Boston, but no outages in Dedham, Brookline and Newton.

Eversource is blaming "equipment damage" for widespread outages that started around 10:45 a.m. in an area that extends from Brookline and Newton streets in the north to most of West Roxbury and Dedham in the south. Parts of Roslindale as far east as Roslindale Square are also affected.

In total, the company says 11,699 businesses and homes in Boston have no power,with 6,809 in Dedham, 1,213 in Brookline and 739 in Newton also out.

The company estimates restoration time of 2 p.m.

WFXT reports whatever happened happened at the Eversource substation on Baker Street in West Roxbury.

Monty Rattlesnake reports:

Route 1 is a nightmare with traffic signals out.

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Just got a call from Eversource, they're now guessing 4:45 for power returning. Right in time for Friday rush hour!

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Fire engines seen over there, buildings evacuated

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Just updated the story with a link to a WFXT report that the problem is at Eversource's substation on Baker Street (so next to the train tracks and across from the little-league fields, not all that far from the parkway).

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Egads! Or, as Steve Erkel would say, “Did Magoo do that?” Magoo.

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In other words, the existing equipment cannot handle the extra load from over development and an increase of electrical appliances and automobile chargers in lieu of fossil fuels. And be patient because it’s going to get worse.

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If only things were made with better materials now.

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