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West Roxbury state rep to resign for job with life-sciences trade group

The State House News Service reports state Rep. Ed Coppinger (D-10th Suffolk) is resigning next week for a new job at the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, which was briefly led by Joe Boncore, who had quit his job as a state senator.

Three West Roxbury residents have already filed papers with the state to run for his seat once election dates are set: William MacGregor, Brian Gaillardetz and David Giordano.

MacGregor was chief of staff for former City Councilor Matt O'Malley, whose district included West Roxbury. He is currently a loan officer at a mortgage company.

Gaillardetz is a Google product manager who is "'interested in the interplay between technology, business, and civic responsibility and how technology, when utilized surgically, can disrupt standard business/civic practices."

Giordano is a patent attorney.



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Nothing much of note in his activity of sponsored or co-sponsored bills in support of biotech related endeavors.

Perhaps his prior work background as a mortgage loan officer will be leveraged to take over the remainder of available DTX, Back Bay and Seaport commercial space as biotechnology labs?

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