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What if we try for three? Two dead trains at Braintree

Red Line woes just never end. The MBTA reports delays of up to 20 minutes on the Red Line because not one, but two trains had to be pulled from service at Braintree on account of being deceased.

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Who had dead trains, ceiling collapse, and fire in one day on their Red Line betting slip?

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Who didn't?

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The folks at the CRRC factory are hard at work building new Red Line cars. According to the T themselves, all the new cars will be in place by 2024.


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Considering the track record (*) of the new cars, I'm not sure that would be an improvement, if it happens, which it won't, even assuming the T means the end of 2024 rather than the beginning.

(*) I wonder if this is perhaps where the term "track record" comes from: a record of a rail vehicle's performance on the track, allowing you to see if that vehicle is a regular source of trouble.

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The term " track record" almost certainly comes from horse racing.

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The MBTA acts like that FTA report was just an annoyance.

When the FTA's away, the sparks will spray.

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