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Woman found dead in car in Logan garage was murdered by man who flew to Kenya, DA says

State Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office say they are working with Kenyan authorities to find and arrest a man who is now charged with the murder of a woman whose body was found last night in Logan Airport's Central Parking.

State Police found the body of Margaret Mbitu, 31, of Whitman, around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday - two days after her family had reported her missing.

"Evidence indicates that she was the victim of a homicide," the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports

State Police obtained a warrant charging Kevin Kangethe, 40, of Lowell, with her murder - but Kangethe had already flown out of the country, the DA's office says, adding:

The investigation indicates that Kangethe and Ms. Mbitu knew each other and that the homicide was not a random act. There is no threat to the public or to Logan Airport travelers.

There are no direct flights from Boston to Nairobi, but several airlines offer connecting flights.

Innocent, etc.

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Her family was just asking for help in finding her yesterday.

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Awful.. this reads like that he killed her, put her in the trunk of the car, drove the airport, parked, left her there, and then boarded a flight to Nairobi.

Anyone know if extraditing works from Kenya? So this girl's family can have some closure..

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The US does have an extradition treaty with Kenya, but that's easier to find than how difficult extradition is in practice.

However, there are several African countries that don't have extradition treaties with the US, and this guy may have changed planes again in Nairobi.

There are also countries that won't extradite their own citizens to a jurisdiction where the person might be facing the death penalty, such as the United States.

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I think the federal government can basically sign off on an agreement that they will take the death penalty off the table. It drags out extradition but doesn't necessarily prevent it.

In this case it is state charges anyway so the feds could just say that he won't face federal prosecution for the charge so it's not a death penalty jurisdiction in MA.

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There is no threat to the public or to Logan Airport travelers.

Well, just the constant threat women everywhere live with if they don't measure up to some dudes' expectations in some way, but that's background noise

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