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Two sue over the salmonella they say they got at a Brighton Center taco place just before it was shut due to a possible outbreak

Two people who say they ate at the Los Amigos in Brighton Center last week today sued the restaurant for the salmonella infections they say they developed.

In separate lawsuits filed by the same lawyer, Chloe Crelia and Ryan Camire are each seeking "in excess of $50,000" for their suffering.

Crelia says she ate at the restaurant last Wednesday, the day before a city health inspector shut the 366 Washington St. restaurant in large part due to a salmonella outbreak now being investigated by state and city public-health officials, and that she developed "severe symptoms" that included "fever, watery diarrhea, body aches and severe abdominal pain."

Camire says she endured and will likely continue to endure "conscious physical pain and suffering and mental anguish" and could suffer ongoing "physical impairment" and loss of wages. Ryan says he is still recovering and "faces uncertain future medical complications and expenses.

Neither complaint specifies what they ordered.

The two cite several pecific legal claims: Product liability, negligence, breach of warranties, because Los Amigos failed to ensure it served food to customers that would not make them sick.

The day after the Brighton Los Amigos was shut, an inspector ordered the immediate closing of the West Roxbury Los Amigos. The inspection report for that outlet lists a variety of health violations, but does not mention salmonella.

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food poisoning once or twice in my life. If the symptoms are having the trots and a tummy ache for a few days, I guess I did. Nothing I would ever think to bring a lawsuit over.
I mean, if the symptoms land you in the hospital, sure. Sue for medical expenses and possibly lost wages, etc. But if you're just looking for a quick payday because you got the runs, that's the litigious society we live in now, sadly.


"severe symptoms" "fever, watery diarrhea, body aches and severe abdominal pain."

"conscious physical pain and suffering and mental anguish" and could suffer ongoing "physical impairment" and loss of wages.

i’m suing every weekend in the 90s


I' realize salmonella can have significant issues, but personally, I'd welcome the occasional bout of diarrhea just so I could see my shoes when I look down.


Laxitives exist.

Salmonella can be fatal.


...stay for the bacillus.


Naw dude . That shit can land you in the hospital . I get the joke tho .

I know the comments are being lighthearted, but salmonella and stomach parasites are no joke.

I managed to pick one up from an apple orchard petting zoo in fall 2021 and it was the sickest I've ever been (and I get sick often). I wasn't able to eat anything but a bland diet for 3 and a half weeks (and couldn't really eat a few days at all), spent half a day in the ER and lost 15 pounds (and I'm already pretty small). The antibiotic regimen was just as bad.

My appetite is permanently shot to the point where people assume things about my regular eating habits.

Don't think suing is the answer but it's far and beyond your typical stomach bug or bout with norovirus.


I think given how things work here in America if your Health Insurance Company knew where you got the disease they might sure them.

I know for example when I dropped a half assembled chair on my Big Toe and then had to go have my nail lanced Blue Cross was very interested in where the injury had occurred (Was I at work (Workman's Comp), Was I at a home that was not mine (Other home owners liability insurance), etc.


your local Health Department will want to know where you got it; your doctor has to report it to them.

After that experience, colonoscopy prep was nothing - I couldn't understand what people were fussing about.


allowed lawsuits every time someone got food poisoning, restaurants insurance premiums would be through the roof.

why are restaurants serving them?

Do you have to have a doctor's note, written exam prognosis or lab results to prove your case?

Victims dine on (or about) 5.17
Health officials notify restaurant on (or about) 5.18
Victims got sick on (or about) 5.19
Lawsuit filed Monday, 5.22

I have no experience with civil suits, but I was kind of amazed that paperwork could be prepared and filed that quickly -- Friday to Monday, with the weekend intervening. Then I noticed the names of the TWO law firms involved. One advertises itself as the "Make Food Safe" firm and is based out of Houston. The other is locally based and a familiar name. I'm guessing they just pull a lawsuit like this off the shelf and be first in line for a settlement. I'm sure it's perfectly legit, but still leaves a bad taste. If you'll pardon the expression.


still leaves a bad taste


This take seems to be based on the notion that all efforts that contribute to the pursuit of justice should be entirely noble and devoid of any self-interest, even to the degree of making back one's losses. Why does this make sense?


...for something they can throw together basically overnight. AI will probably doing this stuff in the not-too-distant future, if it hasn't already started.

Seems like a stale way to live, but you do you.


I intend to.