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Yep, it was mostly a pour'easter in Boston, but 495 isn't that far away

Map showing snowfall totals in southern New England, low along the cost, high further west

The National Weather Service posted this map of snowfall totals in southern New England.

The analysis uses interpolation methods, so it may not perfectly reflect your back yard. Still, clearly shows the huge differences in short distances.

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An alert Twitter commenter noticed that. Everything else around it was 2" or less.


OK, not that much higher, really, but still.

Yes but thanks to TV we know that, that far out of the center of town, it's a rugged and practically uninhabited wilderness.

that's a reason for it to be uninhabited.

and we would have been zonked.

I have no problems with any of the snow emergency measures my town took. Better to be safe.

Anyone seen rainfall totals too?

Which would be 30 inches of regular snow, or 15 inches of horribly heavy snow.

Once again the 495 and 128 belts saved us Bostonians from a fate worse than Washington DC. In Washington DC everything shuts down with 1 inch of snow on the ground.

...got as much as 40 inches, and I even heard from one source that Mount Snow in southern VT got 4 feet.

Someone needs to tell the NWS that there’s no Interstate on the Cape.

It's the tunnel. That was built with Federal money and is officially part of the Interstate Highway System.