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You can almost smell the bacon and home fries

Inside the Busy Bee in Brookline

Patrick Magure takes us behind the counter at the Busy Bee on Beacon Street in Brookline on a Saturday morning:



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Used to stop here for breakfast after doing a clinic escort shift when Planned Parenthood was across the street. Doesn't look like it's changed a bit. Hell, those could be the same customers. Glad they're still in business.

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Nostalia shout out...Southgate Pharmacy in JP breakfast at the counter, Deli Haus Kenmore Sq. Sunday mornings. Anymore lost breakfast gems out there?

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Isn’t it still open? Which mobster used t9 f9 there. Rifleman Flemi?

I still miss Deli Haus - though even circa 2001 it wasn’t the most hygienic…

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Deli Haus!

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I liked Grecian Yearning in Allston back in its day

Deli Haus had about 4 different incarnations during the 12 years or so it was open while I lived here- recall quality picked up after they hired some of the people after Charlie's Cafeteria went out of business down the street in 1992 or 93

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But great soup and specials. Was always cheap too for basic eggs and bacon.

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"Mass. Ave. Diner" between Central Square and Harvard Square at 906 Massachusetts Avenue. Great Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich on a giant English Muffin. I get hungry just writing about it.

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