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You don't have to dig for a great view at the top of a Quincy quarry

View from a Quincy quarry

Brooks Payne got up early this morning to hike up to the top of a Quincy quarry and then into the Blue Hills,



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Are there any rocks left in the Quincy Quarry that haven't been tagged repeatedly?

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if they didn't get painted when it was drained looking for bodies.

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There was a woman from Dorchester who was a sex worker who was not apparently important enough for a proper search to be made of one of the quarries when her body was reportedly dumped there in the early 90's. The State dismissed her father's concerns and then came the Big Dig fill.

Flash forward to 1999 when arrogant pilot JFK Jr. crashed his plane and the efforts of a lot of the Coast Guard and US Navy are brought to fore to find someone who wasn't listening to reason and logic.

Funny thing about who is deemed important in society.

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