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Zoning board approves new floors for East Boston building after getting assurances existing bodega will remain

Rendering of new four-story building on Brooks Street

Rendering by Adam Glassman; fourth floor is recessed from the street.

The Zoning Board of Appeal this week approved plans by the owners of 6 Brooks St. in East Boston to add three floors of apartments to the one-story building after they and the owner of the Delicious Market said they'd reached an agreement to have the market stay for at least five years, with an option to extend that for another five years.

Under the approval, owners Tom Walsh and Peter Ryan would add three floors to the building - the top, fourth floor pulled back from the street - to double the number of apartments from the current three to six.

The board last month deferred action on the proposal, which needed several variances, including one to allow a taller building, and another for a lack of parking, after nearby residents expressed concern about losing the market and owner Hector Martinez, whom they said is a neighborhood fixture who not only manages to get foods from their home countries but goes out of his way to help residents, for example, delivering orders to residents who would have problems getting their food back to their homes.

Attorneys for both the owners and Martinez told the board they had reached a deal under which Martinez would continue to pay his current below-market rent for three years, followed by two years at market rates. Martinez would then have an option for another five years.

Board member David Aiken praised the proposal as an excellent "infill" project - adding to a building rather than tearing it down.

The board approved the plans unanimously.

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