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After the flood, the rainbow; in some places, times two

Rainbow over Uphams Corner

After the overnight torrents, we got another mini-torrent this afternoon, followed by a rainbow that water-weary Bostonians rushed out to see. Danny in Boston shows us the double rainbow over Uphams Corner in Dorchester.

Paul Kafsis watched it over the bocce courts and ball fields along the inner harbor in the North End:

Rainbow over Boston Harbor

On the other side of the harbor, Chris Briggs was among the people who had a good look even as they stayed dry at a Logan restaurant:

Rainbow over Logan Airport

James Tyler had a chance to study that phenomenon where they area under a rainbow (in this case, a double 'bow) is brighter than the sky outside it, at the Land Rover dealership in Norwood:

Rainbow over Norwood

PonderStibbons looked up from Brigham and Women's at the double rainbow:

Rainbow over the Longwood Medical Area

Matt Frank watched the rainbow and the clouds gliding over Chelsea City Hall:

Rainbow over Chelsea

Keith Sfinx reports the pot of gold was somewhere in Forest Hills:

Rainbow over Forest Hills

Amy Weingarten Salvucci was seeing double over the South End:

Rainbow over the South End

Ed Grzyb also saw a rainbow in duplicate over Roslindale:

Rainbow over the South End

Riptor watched the rainbow brighten Brighton:

Rainbow over Brighton

Molly saw the duo-bow over Roxbury:

Rainbow over Roxbury

Ye ed wondered if Roche Bros. in West Roxbury had just gotten in an extra shipment of gold cake:

Rainbow over West Roxbury


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I think my favorite is the Logan restaurant one! There's just something about it

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Although it looks like the guy in the light blue shirt is ignoring the rainbows and instead pondering if the door plugs on the jet were installed correctly.

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I knew someone was going to be bowed up!

We had golden puffy pinkish billowing clouds that looked like 14karat cotton candy and very much deserved an angel choir and cherubs, but no bows. The sun angles this time of year put them behind our sight lines.

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My favorite photo of this double rainbow is the Uphams Corner one. Wow! That is incredible!!

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