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Allston's Sil has three-day suspension hanging over head for six months after five young'uns caught drinking there

The Boston Licensing Board voted today for a three-day license suspension at the Silhouette Lounge, 200 Brighton Ave. in Allston, but to hold that in abeyance for six months, after BPD licensing cops found five people under 21 drinking - three of them just 19.

The vote means that should the bar get nabbed for something else over the next six months, it will have to shut for three days.

At a hearing Tuesday, police said that one of the five presented an older person's valid license to get a drink. The other four used fake IDs with their names and photos on them, a detective said.

Board members agreed that while the current ownership, which took over the watering hole in 2021, had not previously had any problems, but said the number of people caught and the fact that, as board member Liam Curran said, they were not just a few weeks away from their 21st birthdays, but were "well under age" merited a sterner possible punishment than the written warning the bar might otherwise have gotten.



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Young'uns at the Sil stand out. I bet the cops nabbed them 10 seconds after walking in the door. Okay, 15 seconds; that floor can be sticky and slow you down...


We could lower the drinking age similar to other countries. Up until Reagan, those 19 year olds would have been legal for over a year. Having the drinking age at 21 leads to binge drinking and ID fraud. I went to school where the age was 19 and it got old fast when it was always available.


… raise the driving age.


Nineteen? Oh, the horror! That stretch east and west of Packard's Corner is one of the livelier in the city, lots of restaurants, lots of foot traffic, the hockey arena, the Paradise rock club, etc. Too bad someone has to put a damper on it by flagging 19-year olds in a drinking establishment.