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And now for something completely different: Large West Roxbury parking lot could be replaced by, no, not life sciences, but a simple warehouse

Rendering of proposed warehouse

Rendering by Furrow Engineering.

A developer says it will soon file detailed plans with the BPDA to replace what is now a parking lot in an industrial zone along Rivermoor Street in West Roxbury with a warehouse and distribution center.

In a letter of intent filed this week, FPM Boston of Dorchester says it hopes to build a 62,000-square-foot structure between the self-storage place at the corner of Rivermoor and Gardner Street and a currently empty building that used to be the Ira Collision Center.

Part of what is now a parking lot covering more than four acres used to house an industrial building that was torn down in 2019.

FPM says it will replace some sections of the parking lot that remains after the building goes up with landscaped islands, reducing the lot's total impervious cover by 11%.

The company says that while the building's size requires a full BPDA review, the project will not require any variances or conditional permits from the zoning board.

In recent years, the once quiet area between VFW Parkway and Millennium Park has seen several development projects, including the self-storage place and apartments and condos on the parkway and along Gardner Street and Charles Park Road. In November, the BPDA approved plans to replace the old Uno Pizzeria headquarters on Charles Park Road with two five-story apartment buildings with 121 units.

151 Rivermoor St. filings and meeting schedule.

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We want a warehouse!

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World class.

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Would make a great home for the “West Roxbury Safety Association”. LOL.

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Get those requests into the BPDA while you can!

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Actually surprising given the amount of housing development happening over there already.

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Smart move unnamed developer! Your typical warehouse spaces are usually guaranteed full occupancy.

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