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Arlmont school news: Fart spray released in Belmont, bullet casings left behind by accident in Arlington

Bill Speros posts a copy of an e-mail message from the Chenery Upper Elementary School in Belmont about a disturbing odor in the school:

We would like to inform you of a strong odor detected this morning in our sixth grade hallways. We have identified the source of the smell as being a small bottle of "fart spray." We have taken steps to dissipate the odor and we gave students and staff the option to relocate to another areas of the building if needed. We just want to assure you that all students are safe and engaged in learning activities.

The school adds that "teachers will be following up with all students."

Meanwhile, Arlington Police have sounded an all clear for the Gibbs Elementary School, where a staff member yesterday found two spent casings from a 9-mm handgun on the school's main stairwell.

Police say it was all just an accident: Seems somebody attending an event at the school Tuesday night, with the shell casings, as one does, somehow dropped the casings by mistake.

Students, faculty, and staff were in no danger.

Arlington Police have determined that the casings were dropped by accident and have closed the investigation. No charges will be filed.



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Where might one find more information on said "fart spray"? Is it a homemade concoction or a product available from fart spray retailers? Is there a recommended brand?
Asking for a friend.

Trying Googling the phrase and see what comes up.

I'm available to perform at parties.

Once they developed the technology to synchronize farts to film, then began the era of "farties". Early stars of the new medium included Friartuck, et al.

You can't spell "FriarTuck" without "fart," after all.

Way back in the 80s, I bought a can of fart spray.
It didn't really smell like farts, rather just pungent.
The thing that struck me most was the name brand.
Franco American. I shit you not.
Today's varieties are probably more accurate in their intended stench.

Just check the back pages of Boys' Life Magazine. You can probably get them by mail order, along with X-Ray Vision Glasses, Sea Monkeys, ant farms, plans on how to build an Air-Car Hovercraft ("You can float on air!") and all kinds of other fascinating things...

"SEE THROUGH PEOPLE'S CLOTHING!" the ads proclaimed.
What red-blooded, zesty young Scout could pass that up? Certainly had to be easier than lurking around near Betty Sue's bedroom window.
Of course, the dang things were useless and a waste of hard-earned money.
Umm, not that I ever personally experienced this, mind you. But I've done research...

You want to look for a product manufactured by a member of the Fart Spray Manufacturers Association and bearing the FSMA seal. That is your assurance that the product has been formulated, manufactured, and tested in an ISO 9000 facility in conformance with the FSMA’s rigorous standards.

One time Magoo mistakenly used fart spray instead of Magoo’s spray on deodorant. Needless to say, hijinx ensued for the rest of Magoo’s day. Magoo.

On our 8th grade trip to Washington, DC one of the most popular items being sold by street vendors were "stink bombs" that were small glass ampules with a very volatile liquid sulfuric compound in them. We (mostly the boys) were stinking each other (and some innocent bystanders) out all weekend.

When we were at the airport waiting for our return flight someone popped one in the waiting area for the gate. We got a very, very stern group lecture/warning from the chaperones about the potential trouble we'd be in if anyone dared to use one on the plane. If someone did that by the gate today I'm sure the airport would've been shut down and some 13 year old(s) would be in a government holding area in a lot more trouble.

For a few weeks after the trip was a regular event to be walking the halls between classes and be punched in the nose with the stench of them.

Good times.

The more likely outcome would be that anything being carryied onto the plane would have been seized at the security screening area.

And there would have been some stern lectures about this in line, possibly when they were found by the chemical scanners.

If they were in checked luggage they would have made it back to Boston - if the didn't blow up due to the pressure changes in the unpressurized hold.

In the box as stink bombs they'd probably get taken. If they were out of the box you might've been able to get away with a fib to the TSA saying that they are cologne samples if you were lucky.

Also, the hold of a plane is pressurized too, it's the fuselage of the plane that's designed as a pressure canister because there are lots of ways to configure the interior of a plane and the pets down below wouldn't fare so well if it wasn't.

Just to be annoyingly pedantic, "Arlmont" doesn't refer to the two towns in toto (a la "Bennifer"). It refers to a specific part of Arlington which is on the Belmont side of Rt. 2.


used to be powerhouses in hockey. Once the MDC rink in Neponset had reliably good ice, it was all over.

I always thought it was like Camberville or, my favorite, Norwal (Norwood/Walpole, of course, but now that I'm thinking, I have no idea if anybody actually uses that aside from a dry cleaner on Rte. 1). I'll add it to the list of Things I Never Knew about Boston-Area Places.


There used to be some businesses with "Wal-Lex" in their name on the Waltham/Lexington line but I don't know if any of them are left.

Used by multiple businesses on the South Shore.

They say the neon lights are bright...

Always reminds me of some variation of Walgreens or Wal-Mart.

I heard that the perpetrator is in the wind.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.

No, the answer is 42. We don't know the question, but we've ruled out a number of candidates, such as "How many roads must a man walk down?" (no offense Bob) or "What do you get if you multiply six by nine?"

Because farts are funny, and fart spray is funny, and because it is wonderful to hear that 6th graders still bring fart spray to school - particularly in one of those places where they are supervised and scheduled 24/7 and already working on their middle school internships and SAT prep.

Is it just me, or does it smell like updog in here?