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Blue Line up and froze due to some wire woes

Right in the middle of the evening rush, the Blue Line came to a sudden stop when it developed what the MBTA called a "catenary problem." Bustitution started up between Bowdoin and Suffolk Downs and continued into the night. Multfam Cam reported at 7:28 p.m.:

Avoid the Blue Line at all costs tonight. Absolute shit show at Airport. Waited for a shuttle toward Bowdoin for 25 minutes, one came and dropped off about 100 yards away where no one was waiting, then nothing else. Guy on the walkie-talkie had no idea what was going on. Some busses are just sitting there, idling, driver doesn’t know where he’s going or when he’s leaving. Embarrassing even for the MBTA.



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….at Government Center just as shuttles began arriving. Mob scene along the curb outside the station. Two T busses finally showed up and immediately filled. The lone T person supervising had to get people off from the front by the driver on both busses because they were blocking vision. Then we sat there with doors closed with no updates nor announcements about why we weren’t moving. With so many people crammed inside, it soon became uncomfortable warm. This went on for 30 minutes with people occasionally calling out to have the doors opened to let in air or asking what was going on. The driver never responded. He might have been in the dark about the wait, but he could have opened the doors. I was towards the front and finally said to myself, eff this, I’m getting an Uber. I asked to be let out. About a dozen people left when I did. When I passed by in my ride 10 minutes later, the 2 busses were still there and the crowd along the curb 5 people deep.


Last summer, I was on a Red Line train stopped at JFK. They told us to get off and there would be shuttle busses.
A bunch of us were waiting outside for a while, and when the bus finally arrived the person in front of me asked the driver "is this bus going to Ashmont?". The driver said "I don't know, you tell me"
It appears that there is no defined system to implement emergency shuttles. T employees often can't answer questions or give wrong answers. Riders are lost in the shuffle


You can't keep people locked up in a train car for tens of minutes with no updates.

(EDIT: Maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation, though?)

.. that I was referring to the shuttles not a train, you got it