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Board approves plans for affordable housing on two Blue Hill Avenue vacant lots

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans for a total of 15 affordable housing condos on what are now vacant lots on Blue Hill Avenue at Intervale and Brunswick streets.

The city is selling the lots at low cost to developers Norfolk Design & Construction and SMJ Development as part of its Blue Hill Avenue Action Plan to turn vacant lots along the street into housing and retail uses.

The developers are proposing a four-story building with ten condos at Blue Hill Avenue and Brunswick Street and a three-story building with five condos at Blue Hill Avenue and Intervale Street. Both buildings would have ground-floor retail space.

All the units would be sold as affordable split between units to be sold to people making up to 80% of the Boston area median income and people making up to 100% of that level.

The smaller building would be split between 2- and 3-bedroom units; in the larger building, all the units would have one bedroom.



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The Intervale Street lot has been vacant since the 1960s after businesses were burnt out during "The Welfare Riots". The Brunswick Street lot used to be home to a fish fry market until at least the 2000s IIRC. I wonder what happened over there?

Voting closed 13