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Boston to collect unwanted robots and household hazardous waste in Hyde Park on Saturday

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Boston is holding one of its periodic waste-collection events on Saturday, this time at the DPW facility on Dana Avenue in Hyde Park, between 8:30 a.m. and noon.

In addition to the usual stuff - oil-based paint, motor oil and household chemicals - Boston residents (so bring some proof of that) can also drop off small household electronics, including, the city says, robots.

Also TVs, monitors, printers and other small electronics, but don't forget the robots.

Also, if you can't wait for curbside leaf pickup, you can drop off large paper bags of yard clippings and grass and smallish tree branches bundled with string.

The city adds the collection is just for households - so don't show up with an industrial-sized barrel of waste oil. Also, all chemicals and paints need to be in their original containers, with legible labels.

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These poor little broken robots are bringing tears to my eyes.

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Hazardous waste collections in the past have not accepted TVs and computer monitors because those can be collected on trash days if you make a special request.

But I see that this is a special "zero waste popup event". Too bad there aren't any planned for Dorchester.

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They used to have them all over the city. I wish they would bring that back. It's not easy getting from Eastie to Hyde Park. Doesn't even look like they're holding one at the big facility in South Boston.

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Linguo is dead

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