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Boston doctor, three teammates hope to row, row, row their boat across the Atlantic

The Harvard Gazette interviewed John Lowry, a physician at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, before he and three others set off from Mayor Menino Park in Charlestown on a bid to row to London in a 28-foot rowing vessel. They hope to get to Big Ben in 50 days.



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Who can afford to take 2 months off (min) for a personal adventure. Talk about privileged.

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So you know he doesn't have two months worth of vacation time stored up or isn't taking an unpaid leave if he doesn't?

Yes, most people probably couldn't do that, but one doctor taking two months off is not the reason your last hospital stay was so expensive.

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I work in finance at a large healthcare system. Physician salaries come to about 11% of patient service revenue. The vast majority of the cost is for equipment and facilities, supporting staff, medical supplies, lab work, and administration.

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Maybe you should consider that all the doctors, nurses, medical assistants, custodial staff, etc. who did were not able to take a day off, a weekend off, or even a fucking lunch or bio break for a lengthy period of time.

It would not surprise me in the least if this physician was bumping up against the "use it or lose it" level of owed time off. It ain't your business how people use accrued leave.

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Not my idea of a fun time but ok.

Whatever floats their boat.

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Edited to add: Feels like I'm watching the origin story of the Decemberists

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