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Brookline man charged with giving girlfriend abortion pills disguised as vitamins and iron after he learned she was pregnant

A Brookline man faces arraignment tomorrow on several charges related to the miscarriage he caused his girlfriend to have by slipping her abortion pills, the Middlesex County District Attorney's office and Watertown Police announced today.

Robert Kawada, 43, is charged with poisoning, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a pregnant person and assault and battery on a household or family member in connection with misleading a person known known to him, authorities said:

The preliminary investigation suggests that Kawada and the victim were in a dating relationship and that the victim became pregnant. Kawada is alleged to have secretly given the victim medication under the guise that he was giving her iron pills and vitamins. That medication was actually intended to end the pregnancy. After the victim had been given the pills, one of which is believed to be Misoprostol, the victim suffered a miscarriage.

Kawanda was arrested Friday in Watertown, police say. He will be arraigned in Waltham District Court.

Innocent, etc.



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Where did he get it?


It's used to counteract NSAID effects. Contraindicated for women who are pregnant.

There are clinical exceptions.

"Misoprostol is used in a hospital setting to induce cervical ripening, labor induction in women with premature rupture of membranes, and treatment of serious post-partum hemorrhage, These uses are outside of the approved indications." (drugs.com)

If this were Louisiana he'd be looking at 5 years in prison just for possessing Misoprostol never mind using it to poison his girlfriend. I share @Ron Newman's sentiment: "Where did he get it from?"


They seceded from the United States once. If we could get Congress to pass a law declaring that act legally valid and irrevocable, we'd be rid of those people forever.


They're a petrostate. We'd keep sending them cash, it would just be foreign aid instead of federal aid.

It's extremely rare crimes like this that the anti-abortion lawmakers will cite when enacting a national ban on the pills.


Prohibition didn't stop drinking. It only fueled the rise of people like Al Capone.

Banning abortion pills will be little different.

The average legislator is the stereotypical man with a hammer who sees every problem as a nail.


It isn't about protecting life or we wouldn't have such shitty stats for maternal and fetal outcomes and mortality.

It is about controlling women.

The countries with the lowest abortion rates have legal abortion. They also have cradle to grave care for their citizens and birth control education and free access for any woman of fertile age, no questions asked.


If stopping abortions is dependent on the ability of the U.S. government to stop drugs from flowing into and through the United States, then women don't have a damn thing to worry about.


It's nice that you're so optimistic, but -- and I mean this kindly -- you're naive if you believe that "don't" means "can't" when it comes to drug enforcement, or enforcement of any kind. Over and over in the US we have seen how laws are selectively enforced (against Black people, against immigrants, against lgbtq people, against Muslims, etc.). This would be no different.

(and if you want to argue that it's impractical for the state to enforce a law like this, well, that's why states like Texas are creating bounty hunter laws)

I can't wait for the first gun dipshit who gets absolutely smoked by another gun dipshit for stalking their girlfriend/wife/daughter/etc. Better yet if it's the abortion-seeking/having woman herself.

What an incredible and improbable way to die.

"Mommy, where's Uncle Schmuck?"

"Oh, he got shot dead because he was harassing some woman who terminated her pregnancy."

"Awww. I miss him. He used to read me stories."

What an incredible and improbable way to die.

Yeah, well, I suppose it's all very amusing when you have no skin in the game.

He's never heard of using condoms? Don't think those are against the law in any state...yet.


if dildos are still illegal in Alabama

One of them was Trump's AG for a minute.


They are still illegal to sell but ownership/possession is no longer illegal as originally purposed in the Alabama Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1998 .

Misoprostol tablets are shaped like medicine tablets. They don't look like vitamin supplements. Vitamins don't have numbers and letters embossed into them.

I remember an old Law and Order episode where a guy was a med school student, got his girlfriend pregnant, put some sort of abortion-inducing skin cream on his dick, had sex with the pregnant girlfriend again, successfully induced an abortion, was charged with murder, escaped the charge because there was no law against what he did, finally got charged with murder again because the girlfriend died due to some medical complication. With Misoprostol the crime becomes so much easier. The guy just crushes up a tablet and mixes it into some food.

because the liver destroys a lot of the active ingredient. That's why it's administered sublingually or vaginally, and why Mr. Kawada told the woman to hold the pill in her mouth until it dissolved.