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Brutal murderer, two others to plead guilty to brutally murdering brutal murderer

Three men who are charged with ending brutal murderer Whitey Bulger's life in a West Virginia prison by smashing his head in 2018 in have reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors.

In documents filed in US District Court in West Virginia federal court yesterday, Fotios Geas, Paul DeCologero and Sean McKinnon have agreed to plead guilty to killing Bulger.

Geas and DeCologero allegedly cornered and killed Bulger, 89, about 12 hours after he was transferred from a prison in Florida to the one in West Virginia where they were inmates. Both have since been transferred to different federal prisons elsewhere in the country. McKinnon was charged with acting as a lookout.

Geas was already serving a life sentence for killing several men in Springfield for the Geneovese family of New York.

The judge in the case has yet to set a date to accept their formal pleas.

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He was 89 years old. He was going to die in prison one way or another. They should have left him to rot for as long as possible.


I believe the message is, “nobody who crosses us ever dies peacefully of old age.” Gotta uphold the brand image even if the specific murder looks pointless in practice.


What was realy, really stupid was transferring him to a prison with known Patriarca crime family associates. Of all the possible prisons why the one with convicted murderers from the one east coast criminal organization Mr. Bulger pissed off the most?


Someone in the federal prison system's chant of command WANTED him killed as quickly as possible. The question is who?