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Bye, bae

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that the Salt Bae will not be re-opening a salt and steak restaurant in Boston after all, following the closing of his Park Square outlet last year.

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Busboys everywhere are crying into their dustpans for the floors that would have been (covered in stupid fucking rock salt)

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employees, so I won't feel bad saying, "Fuck you and your corny gimmick, carpetbagger."

Support your local indies!

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Putting salt on steak was the gimmick.
We owe Salt Bae a debt of gratitude.
Who else could have possibly come up with such a ground breaking innovation to beef based cuisine! /s

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It was the forearm sweat that really set in the umami.

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Now where am I going to eat?

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There's Cheers at Faneuil...um, Guy Fieri's...

Uh, well, we've still got a Ramsay's Kitchen in the Mandarin and Taffer's Tavern in Arsenal Yards (although while he might know how to rescue a bar, someone should show him how to run a website...the restaurant has been open over a year and it still doesn't show up on his website under "Locations").

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I spoke too soon.


I guess that explains why they had already been wiped from the website!

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Oddly prescient

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