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Venerable Central Square guitar store closing

Mike Feudale reports he's retiring July 1 after 30 years selling and repairing guitars, first at Sandy's and then, after he took over the business, at his Mike's Monster Guitar on Mass. Ave. in Central Square.

Via Biblioquetress, who sighs: "Sad to lose a good independent instrument shop."

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Man, I remember when that place used to be Sandy's....


There’s gotta be somebody who can step
Up and buy this business over !

Such a loss for the neighborhood. To be clear, this has only been Mike's Monster Guitar for about 10 years. Before that, Mike sold and repaired guitars at the same location, but as Sandy's Music. Sad to see this close, but hoping he enjoys his retirement!


Post updated.


This and its previous incarnation as Sandy's Music was a great neighborhood mainstay for strings and whatnot. Sandy's used to have acoustic jam sessions during the week in his tiny shop. I'm glad Mike seems to be going out on his own terms and not trying to baselessly blame a bike lane... unlike the Door Store up the street.

The old convenience store next to it was replaced by one of those useless, brightly lit and overly mirrored weed paraphernalia store, so I imagine Mike's will have to turn into a bank.


Sandy's was just called Sandy's Music and was a small independent operation.You are confusing it with the larger chain called Daddy's Junky Music, still in operation on Mass Ave near Berklee.

I bike as my main mode of transportation. But I don't think it's inconceivable that a furniture store with no off-street parking would have trouble if the city removed 18 parking spaces on its block. And several adjacent blocks to the west had 100% of their parking removed, pushing more demand into the small number of remaining spaces on this block.

The store said they lost 2/3 of its business in 2022, the year the protected bike lanes went in.

Yes, everyone knows about the study that says bike lanes are good for business. I've read it. Did you?


That nasty bike lane must've killed off all the other furniture stores that used to be within a block or two from the door store:

Heartwood, Bowl and Board, Crate and Barrel, the great Asian furniture store who's name escapes me, and City Space among others...

oh wait, those all closed BEFORE the bike lane went in. Out of control commercial real estate prices and online shopping is the more likely problem, wouldn't you think?

I've read several studies that say bike lanes are neutral to good for business. Any other questions?