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Charlestown woman faces extradition to Turkey for alleged bank embezzlement there more than a decade ago

US marshals yesterday arrested a woman living in Charlestown for a hearing today on a request by the Turkish government that she be extradited for embezzling roughly $1.8 million from the customers of an Istanbul bank between 2009 and 2011, when she worked there as a portfolio manager.

Derya Dikici, also known as Derya Terzioglu, 44, fled Turkey in 2011 after she learned her employer was investigating the "high-risk trading activities" she and a colleague were allegedly engaged in with money they obtained with forged signatures and withdrawals from bank customers, according to an extradition request by the US Attorney's office in Boston, unsealed in Boston federal court today.

Dikici allegedly headed to Boston to be with her fiancee, the request states, adding a Turkish judge issued an arrest warrant for her in 2013.

According to the US Attorney's office, investigators here matched photos provided by Turkish officials with the photo on Dikici's Massachusetts driver's license.

Innocent, etc.

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