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Citizen complaint of the day: Boston's grumpiest person complains about two cops who did something nice

Around 12:50 a.m. on Thursday, a resident of Bayswater Street in East Boston called 911 to ask if there was anybody who could say "happy birthday" to him.

The BPD dispatcher went on the air and relayed his request to one particular A-7 cruiser, one of whose officers said he and his partner would answer the call, and wish him a happy birthday - in English and Spanish, even. Which they did, but only after stopping for a muffin and some candles to give the man.

Yay, right?

Only some particularly cranky Bostonian filed a 311 complaint:

I just saw in the news: A 911 call was happily answered by police to sing happy birthday to the caller. Waste of taxpayer money? Yes! Where is the mayor???



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The grumpy person complained because the police officers SERVED the gentleman a happy birthday and even brought a muffin along?
Where's the MAYOR? is code for MAGA!!!

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from having a muffin-free day.

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Even shirtless...

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I knew you wouldn't be gone forever.

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That is a well being check. They did the right thing.

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It was probably Michelle Efendi - she's the only one going nuts on twitter about. She's not a Bostonian anymore, but still very grumpy!

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I'm quite certain this empathetic act only cost the City of Boston a centillionth of a cent!

Gold star to that dispatcher and cops!

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These are the good acts that the police perform, sometimes on their own dime, that get glossed over in favor of bad apples, tall tales and bias/prejudice/vitriol against them.

You can't get better publicity anywhere else.

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Imagine how lonely and sad a person must be to call 911 to ask for someone to wish them a happy birthday. That visit may have been life saving, quite seriously. So glad there are those out there who understand and will show someone in need that there are people who care enough to take that extra step to brighten up someone's life at a time when they need it.

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I thought the same... until I clicked through and saw that bodycam video footage of the whole thing was published by the police/media. Maybe they got his permission, I hope so, but the (non-anonymized) PR aspect ruined this good story for me.

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Sort of a grey area once they stepped into the foyer. They don’t ask permission to record. Maybe being a common area it was still legal?

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… he was overwhelmed by his emotions and his reaction to the kindness extended to him. Maybe he felt vulnerable.
Or he felt foolish for having reached out for human contact.

If would be nice to give the curmudgeon a card shower next birthday. Provided he would take it well.

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“Wherever you go, madam, it will matter little what you carry. You will always carry your goodness.”

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